Battery Dealer Management

Our Feature

  • 1. Add & Deletion of Components related with battery
    a. Part Name
    b. Model Name
    c. Company Name in database. )
  • 2. Purchasing Components (Related with battery)
    a. Edit Purchasing (Part Name, Model Name & Company Name)
  • 3. View purchased components
    a. View with (Item Id, Part Name, Model Name, Company Name,Vendor Name, NP, MRP, Tax)
  • 4. Stock show for increasing /decreasing selling & purchasing.
  • 5. Get Stock on the basis of Part Name, Company Name & Model Name.
  • 6. Selling Details a. Edit Selling (Selling Bill, Selling Id, Customer name, Address, Selling Date)
    b. View Selling
    c. Delete Selling
  • 7. Bill Display
  • Battery Dealer Management Software @ Rs.15000