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The company appoints a channel partner on the following basis.
1.The parties desire to conduct a business operation together
2. Second party is willing to invest money to finance the conduct of the operation
3. It is agreed that the most desirable form of business for conducting the operation is a Channel Partner.
For the reason recited above, and in consideration of the mutual covenants contained in this agreement, the parties agree as follows:


1. Appointment
GoDunia Infonet Pvt Ltd hereby appoints Channel Partner for the following Product and services:
Website designing
SMS marketing
Email Marketing
PPC management
Business Management Software's
Business Presentation
Facebook Likes
Twitter Follow
YouTube Video Likes
Channel Partner's appointment shall be nonexclusive and only for the mention products Marked in Section1. Such appointment does not constitute a grant of any specific territory Or geographical area. The company may increase or decrease the number of business Associates in the vicinity of Channel Partner's location at any time without any notice.
3. Conduct.
Channel Partner shall undertake no acts injurious to the business or goodwill of company. Channel Partner shall use commercially reasonable efforts to promote company and its Products and services
4. Independent Entities.
Notwithstanding the use of the designation "partner", Channel Partner is an independent
5. Taxes and Fees.
Channel Partner warrants that it shall be solely responsible for the payment of any taxes, Excises, duties, or charges incurred by it which may arise by virtue of the transactions Contemplated hereunder, or shall comply with necessary procedures to claim exemption. Channel Partner shall pay to company Rest. 35000 as the channel partner fees. Non-payment of the fees will automatically terminate this Agreement.
6. Communications.
Partner understands that it may receive unsolicited emails and faxes from Company as deemed Necessary by Company. Channel Partner is encouraged to provide opt in / opt out selections in Any mass-distributed electronic communication in compliance with anti-spamming laws and Regulations.
7. Records.
Channel Partner shall, during this Agreement, and for a period of one year after the Termination of this Agreement, maintain records relating to the contracts, invoices, accounts, Complaints, and other transactions relating to Company' customers using the Software. Company may directly, or through its agent, at any time, after giving reasonable notice, during Normal business hours and for any reasonable reason inspect such records and other related Financial information.
8. Sub partners.
Channel Partner shall not be permitted to establish sub partners without Company express Written consent
Each party agrees not to disclose any confidential information received from the other in any Form to any employees who do not have a specific need to use such information.
Channel Partner acknowledges that Company is the sole owner of its trademarks and nothing Herein shall grant to Channel Partner any right or interest in the trademarks. Channel Partner Shall not register, or attempt to register, any trademarks or any marks confusingly similar Thereto in any jurisdiction.
1. Term
This Agreement shall enter into effect on the date it is signed by both parties.
2. Termination.
This Agreement shall terminate [1] automatically in the event Channel Partner breaches any Provision of this Agreement or fails to comply with the provisions of the Company Channel Partner Program; [2] automatically in the event that Channel Partner is the subject of a Proceeding in bankruptcy, is placed in receivership, or enters into an arrangement for the Benefit of its creditors, or [3] for any reason, upon thirty (30) days written notice by either Party to the other party.
3. Rights.
Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, all rights granted to Channel Partner Shall immediately cease and Channel Partner shall immediately return to Company all software And confidential information provided by Company except as otherwise provided in this Agreement.
4. No Compensation.
Neither party shall be liable to the other for damages, losses, or expenses of any kind or Character on account of the termination of this Agreement, whether such damage, loss, or Expense may arise from the loss of prospective customers of Channel Partner, or expenses Incurred or investments made in connection with the establishment, development, or Maintenance of Channel Partner's business. Termination or expiration shall not affect any Claim, demand, or liability of any party created or arising hereunder prior to such time.


The Company hereby makes agreement to go into a FRANCHISE Agreement with the SECOND PARTY in the settings of a franchise outlet chiefly described as follows: According to the chosen area of the SECOND PARTY which is available in the commercial areas, without injustice to any proposal by the company considered best for the SECOND PARTY'S interest; NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, the parties have agreed to strictly comply with the following terms and conditions, to wit:
1. The company hereby honors the Franchise Rights to the SECOND PARTY originating on the signing thereof.
2. Franchise fee The Franchise Fee shall be 1,00,000 (one lacks only) for the establishment and operation of one (1) Franchise outlet. Further, Franchise Fee shall form and part of Business Consultation effective form signing of this contract. FRANCHISE FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.
3. Duration This agreement shall be effectual for a period of 3 years. The beginning of the year period shall be reckoned from the date of opening or upon delivery by mail. Upon signing off the Franchise outlet The Franchise Agreement shall be RENEWABLE WITH LESS (50%) FIFTY PERCENT FRANCHISE FEE BASED ON THE PREVAILING MARKET VALUE.
4.Individuality of Franchise Site The company shall not set-up another Franchise outlet within the Five Hundred Meter (500) radius of the SECOND PARTY'S designated location. Exclusion to this are outlets located within buildings, schools and malls
5. Provisions
The SECOND PARTY shall provide the following:
a) Needed personnel source out through the First Party's accredited manpower Agency
b) Store Space
c) All necessary equipment not included in the Franchise Fee.
Gross Revenue Sharing Cross revenue sharing shall be collected and sharing will be as follows:
All collected royalty fees shall be deposited by the SECOND PARTY every 1st of the Month or to be collected by the designated Franchise Officer of the company upon the latter's option:
6. Exclusivity clause SECOND PARTY makes agreement that all products/ services and other such products services bearing the company or its ascribed suppliers.
7. Use of Name and System During the affectivity of this Franchise agreement, the SECOND PARTY can use the decided franchise name/s, business system and engage in all business transaction related to the products and services carried by the company.
8. Transfer of Technology The Company shall keep side by side the SECOND PARTY ON THE CONTINOUS DEVELOPMENT OF Products or Services and shift thereof, including product development, for the benefit of the SECOND PARTY. Upon accepting this agreement, it is implicit that trade secrets and business system have been transferred to the SECOND PARTY by way of exchange and receipt of a copy of Business Manual of Orientations for this purpose.
9. Manpower Support- Second party can use its own resources to find its workers.
10. Right of First Option- The SECOND PARTY shall be given the right of first option to choose site of another franchise in the same locality.
11.Transferability of Franchise- the SECOND PARTY may allocate or reassign the franchise if the transferee possesses all the experience set by the FIRST PARTY. This right shall be exercised by the company before cancellation of the contract ending of Franchise Agreement.
a) transfer of location
b) transfer of rights
12. Maintenance Clause- The SECOND PARTY shall be accountable to uphold its vent in agreement to the company standard of operations. SECOND PARTY shall be liable for all alterations, upgraded and upholding needed by the outlet based upon the company suggestions.
13. Termination of Contract the Franchise Agreement may be abolished only after 1 years of operation. The company has the solitary power to finish the agreement even on the prior date. The right to the company to abolish the agreement may arise only if the SECOND PARTY breaks any or all standard operating procedures set forward on this contract, in particular payment of royalty fees or other accounts due to the previous. The cancellation shall be done after 365 days notice of cancellation. If the SECOND PARTY wishes to finish this agreement before the franchise period, he/she shall be charge half (1/2) of the amount of the franchise fees unless the SECOND PARTY exercised his option under section which is a obligatory condition before any cancellation be undertaken
14. Post- Contract Clause within1 years after the termination of the period of this agreement, the SECOND PARTY assumes not to connect in similar business of the company.
15. Venue Any d all action or actions arising or in connection with the prior agreement shall be filled wholly at the appropriate courts of stated City
16. Other matters All other matters not enclosed by this agreement shall be subject to the agreement in writing by the parties.

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